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Why JadedTraveller?

Have you ever found a place you would love to return to again and again, just to pretend you live there?  Watched a child say, Mommy, Let's do it again!  That's the spirit of JadedTraveller

We're tired of media pressure to always go new places with unheard-of thrills and chills.  We would rather go back to that off-Michelin village that we found perfectly charming. 

JadedTraveller is the offspring of the myriad experiences of a group of jaded travellers.  Jaded by hype, not the world's beauty.  We´re qualified to do this publication—and we've got the scars to prove it.  If you have anything at any time to add (or would like to contribute), please contact us at  Enjoy the site!

PS:  The kinds of experinces we've had boil down to falling in love with underdogs--places that are wonderful but forgotten or even ridiculed.  A prime example is Cleveland, once the butt of many jokes and now reborn as a lively city.  If you´d like to share any stories of such places with us--we'll interview you and make it worth your while, so don't delay--please contact us at  Thanks for your consideration.



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